Monday, February 4, 2013

Going once, going twice, GONE!

The rule of life, longing, and happiness has always been, (at least from what I've heard) that you never know what you truly have until it's gone. Those who are raised with a silver spoon don't know what living pay check to pay check really means. They take advantage of what they have and would be completely lost if it were to be taken away from them with just a snap of the fingers. This may be a broad generalization, (and most definitely a logical fallacy) but I'm pretty sure *everyone* can take something from that lesson. I'm sure that there is something that everyone always take advantage of and doesn't even realize or take a minute to stop and think what they really have.

A lot of people, including myself, go in day by day in misery. Thinking that nothing can be worse than this, my life sucks, I hate my life, fml, blah blah blah <insert hate my life facebook status here>. Call it depression, call it self pity and loathing, call it miss attention queen of the century. At the end of the day it's all explained by people not knowing what they have unless it were taken away from them.

Sometimes it takes people to actually encounter this ultimatum before they truly realize "Wow, my life wasn't so bad after all.". I mean, I was at the point that my life was completely shit because I don't have 300-400 dollars to upgrade my computer. I know what some of you are thinking. Seriously? Is this guy for real? There are starving CHILDREN out there, people who are dying of disease, losing loved ones in shootings and car accidents, being killed and raped by their own government...the list goes on and on...and my life is shit because I can't upgrade my computer? for a GAME? Now now, that's being a little extreme right? no, it's true. People don't know what they have until it's gone. Now this doesn't mean you're not allowed to indulge in yourself every once in a while. Just because there are starving people, does that mean it's wrong for you to enjoy your 3 or 4 course meal out with your family? No. Just be thankful for what you have and cherish it all. Don't take it for granted. Should I not upgrade my computer? No, I will. In due time. But there are more important things in my life right now, and it took me getting ready to lose it before I realized what I really had. I have somethings I don't ever want to lose: My future wife, My mind, My talent, and most of all, my budding and ever expanding life.

Today's question is more of a self fulfilled question. You don't have to post if you don't want to. I just want everyone to take a moment and think about something that they may take for granted. A mother, a father, their favorite meal, their pets, their siblings, hell even their luxurious items like video games and books. Take a moment and thank who ever made it possible. Hug your mother and or father, thank them for giving you the life you have. Hug your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or partner and tell them you love them and are thankful for everything they ever do for you. Don't lose something important to you before it's too late to realize how important it is.


  1. I'm grateful for little things like the toilet and ice cubes cause I'm not sure what I would do without either, but I'm also grateful for things like advancement in science, space exploration, philosophy and theory, math, literature, and dreams. When it comes to me, personally, I cannot even tell myself how grateful I am to be alive let alone how grateful I am to have what I do. Yes, I'm grateful for my mother. Yes, I'm grateful for the people I talk to everyday and the ones who 'claim' they are my friends. But there are so many factors that come in to play that make me question whether or not being thankful for these things are just a waste of time. That probably sounds selfish and even I admit that it does, but I already hate reality in all its concept and I'm not grateful to be living in it so that effects my judgement on a lot of things. Lately, I've been trying to accept things I normally would not and reason with myself as to how I need this in my life some how.

    So hopefully this post wasn't to depressing or arrogant on my half; if so I apologize. This was a very interesting blog, AJ, and as always I can't wait until the next one.

  2. Thanks as always my loyal follower, Dawn ^_^

    And no it's not depressing, it's Philosophical lol.

    But hear this,

    It's not a waste of time to be thankful. Because like I said before, once it's gone, it's gone. Then you'll probably wish that you spent more time being thankful. Also, I spend most of my life hating reality. Partly why I almost lost something that was very important to me. If you take a breather and take a step back and give your self that moment to see what you have and be thankful for, you won't hate reality so much anymore. I look back now at all the times where I was bummed and said "I hate my life" and now realize it wasn't so bad. Sure at the time it was horrible.

    Try and take a step back Dawn, and look at the bigger picture. Know that there are people who care a lot about you. :)

    Thanks for taking your time out to read my rants lol, I'm going to try and cook up something awesome next time. ;)